Hi! I am Sepideh Mazaheri Kalahroudi, graduated in Graphics from Al-Zahra University in Tehran in 2011. Once I graduated, I entered the photography industry as a freelance photographer and won important prizes that made me more confident to have my own trademark. Accordingly, I started attending open calls, which resulted in two photo exhibitions.
After getting a range of photographic experiences in different genres I realized food photography is the field that fulfills me the best. As a result, I started to develop my knowledge and skills regarding transmitting the tastes of what I capture to what people see and feel in the end. Due to this, I began experimenting with several stages of food photography, from consulting with chefs, styling the food and tabletop items, composition, lighting, and post-processing. All things considered, the photographic skills I gained made me able to enrich what the clients want to show to their customers through my love and passion for the mixture of art and food. In Picto Food Photography I take quality photos through my unique image-making abilities.